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Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy 2024 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy 2024

Восстановите контроль над своей конфиденциальностью и приватной информацией!
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Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy 2024 был доступен бесплатно 29 декабря 2023 г.

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AntiBrowserSpy берет контроль над браузером и обеспечивает большую конфиденциальность в Интернете. Хотя об отслеживании расширений браузера не может быть и речи, новая панель мониторинга сразу показывает статус безопасности всех установленных браузеров, а также количество и названия заблокированных трекеров рекламы. AntiBrowserSpy работает со всеми основными веб-браузерами — Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox и Opera.

Остановит шпионаж за вашими данными;
Удалит следы пользования Интернетом;
Скроет вашу личность в Интернете;
Возвратит вам контроль над вашей конфиденциальностью.

Системные требования:

Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10/ 11



Официальный сайт:


Размер файла:

8.5 MB

Licence details:




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Developed by 360 Security Center
Developed by Hewlett-Packard
Developed by Microsoft
Developed by Baidu,Inc.


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Top English comments

Does the facility stop webpages code from determining the connection id of the device.
that avoiding the benefits of using Guest mode, or user-id obscuring of the systems identity ?
Does the facility provide details of cookies and their association with the installing webpages/sites, and allow their installation prevention, as well as adequate identification to tell if they are installed as "essential", or regardless of selecting Reject All ?

jamzit  –  6 months ago  –  Комментарий оказался полезным? да | нет (+9)

"Does the facility stop webpages code from determining the connection id of the device."

If you mean the IP address, the only way to hide that is by using a proxy or VPN. Every connection to the internet, e.g., a home or biz, is assigned an IP address -- that's how a web page knows where to send the content your browser requested when you enter a URL -- and then a router assigns an in-house IP address to every connected device. A proxy server acts as a middleman, so all any site ever sees is the proxy server's IP address -- the TOR browser is an extreme example, with all of your traffic routed through multiple proxies. A VPN OTOH acts as a proxy, but establishes a secure, encrypted connection between you and the VPN server, so your traffic cannot be intercepted.

Every device also has an individual ID called a MAC address that's also visible to web sites etc. -- the IP address may narrow it down to your home, but the MAC address points to the specific device used. There are ways / tools to spoof the MAC address.

"Does the facility provide details of cookies..."

I *believe* it's more focused on tracking prevention, which goes beyond cookies, similar to using the DuckDuckGo browser, with the advantage that you can use a full featured browser to get similar protections, since the DuckDuckGo browser is new and somewhat feature limited.

mike  –  6 months ago  –  Комментарий оказался полезным? да | нет (+15)

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